"The very best to you Shawna. You helped me tons after HP. Mostly helped me get my confidence back. I know you will do well. "

"Shawna's style and use of actual coaching to teach the Guiding Principles was a fantastic, enjoyable and very effective approach!  GREAT class!"

"Fabulous class! Shawna does an excellent job of connecting with those in her class. She also provides wonderful resources. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"

"This was my first class in the Advanced program - and not the easiest to begin with! Shawna's did a great job of bringing this material home to me, a newly-launched coach. I will plan on taking this class again--with Shawna. She was wonderful. Thanks Shawna!"

"Shawna has created a very motivating and engaging climate for us to learn and share. I appreciate her diligence in providing recaps for each lesson and share current and relevant supplementary resources and links to reinforce the learning points. She is always prepared before and after the classes. Thank you and I have good take-always learning from Shawna."

"Shawna is an exceptional instructor! Truly delightful and I learned a lot from this great class. Thank you Shawna!!!"

"Thank you, Shawna. Great class!! I left with increased confidence and new ideas."

"Loved personal foundation! Got a lot out of it. Looking forward to next 2 sessions of it. Thanks Shawna!"

"Shawna did an excellent job of facilitating this class.  she was open to suggestions about topics beyond the original material, which was very helpful.  Her style was very casual and laid back- I wish I could be that laid back!  lol"