Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by pixdeluxe/iStock / Getty Images

STYLE with participants

Trust is key for every meeting regardless of the desired outcome.  I work to build trust amongst the participants, and with me.  As the event progresses, I adjust the agenda, breaks, and humor to work with participants' energy and needs.   If necessary, we'll have an impromptu mini-lesson on a skill, or even 'penalties' for being late coming back from breaks.  (singing or poem  recital?!) Every retreat or offsite should be fun, inspiring and extremely productive. 


  • Project Kick-off

  • New Team Formation

  • Overcoming Team Challenges

  • Business Planning

  • Change Management

  • Getting Back on Track

  • Celebrating Achievement

  • Training & Workshops

  • Meeting Facilitation


THE APPROACH with sponsors

The approach for every offsite and retreat needs to be one that makes the most of the time together.    I meet with the sponsor to discuss the goals for the event, challenges we might face and budgets.  For every desired outcome I have a standard agenda that I edit as I learn the details of the situation and the needs of the team.  Once the sponsor and I have finalized the agenda, I meet with participants prior to the meeting to learn the additional goals they and other members may have and work those into the agenda either through 'homework' or a time slot.  


top ten ways to ruin your offsite 

  1. A lack of clear stated objectives for the meeting

  2. Unclear or poorly composed agenda

  3. Lack of trust with the facilitator or leader

  4. Allowing distractions such as phones and laptops to be present

  5. Poorly timed breaks

  6. Serving unhealthy, sugar-laden snacks

  7. Stagnant energy or lack of variety in exercises and tasks

  8. Clueless facilitation that allows some attendees to dominate and others to go unheard

  9. Crummy indoor lighting with no windows

  10. A lack of reward or celebration at days end!