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Shawna Corden is an Executive Coach and a Faculty Member with Coach U.  She is an OSU Alum and holds certifications in Professional Project Management from PMI, and the PCC from the ICF. 

Her speciality is 'Building a Coaching Culture' within a business. This includes coaching leaders, to training leaders on coaching skills, and mentoring internal coaches who are implementing a coaching program. She consults on starting a coaching program within a business and speaks regularly on these topics. 

Shawna resides in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband and has two adult girls.  Her “Why she does what she does” is rooted in having every employee be an all-star; developing and exercising their gifts. She enjoys the outdoors, cooking, running races, reading and rooting on the Beavers. 


What Do i DO?

WHAT IS COACHING?  Coaching is a process where the coach and the client (that's you) work together on behalf of the client's goals- using awareness, discovery, support and accountability.  Typically the coach and client will meet 2-3x/month.  Try a sample session

WHAT IS GROUP COACHING? Similar to one-on-one coaching, but often around a theme or topic.  Shawna's style is to introduce a concept or lesson and then ask the group about their goals on that topic or lesson, then we go through the same process as one-on-one coaching.  

WHAT IS A WEBINAR?  A webinar is like a live class but held online- you can join from anywhere and all you need is an internet connection and preferably a pair of headphones with a microphone (like those that come with your smartphone)  The leader may share slides, content, survey the audience etc.  The audience can interact through the chat room,  raising their hand, asking questions etc.   They are also recorded- in case you miss the 'live' event you can watch the recording on your own schedule.  Check out this Example

WHERE ARE THE EVENTS HELD? All online from the convenience of your location - bunny slippers optional.

CAN I TRY BEFORE I BUY?  Of course- with any investment in yourself you should be comfortable- ask Shawna for a key.

WHO ARE THESE EVENTS FOR?  Anyone who wants to grow - typically professionals but also those looking to get an edge in the hiring market etc. 

WHAT IF I JUST WANT TO WORK WITH YOU ON MY OWN?  I have limited spaces available for one-on-one coaching

DO YOU DO CUSTOMIZED GROUPS OR PROGRAMS?  I love groups and developing programs to meet their needs- ask me about your audience, and yes - I do in-person groups based on availability.

I'M A COLLEGE STUDENT- NOT YET EMPLOYED - WHAT ABOUT ME?  You are way ahead of the game- good for you!   Let me know your status and I'll be sure to include relevant information for those not yet employed but soon to be

WHAT KIND OF TOPICS ARE COVERED IN THE WEBINARS?   Everything from setting goals to setting boundaries with others.  I am very attached to your success so if there is a topic you'd like to hear about - ask me.  

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MONTHLY NETWORKING MEETINGS?  This is a chance for the members to get to know one another and each other's companies and lines of work.  This is a great opportunity to explore amongst friends what is out in the marketplace- expectations, benefits, culture etc.  

WHAT HAPPENS DURING COACHING OFFICE HOURS?  Coaching office hours are a lot like "dropping" in on your professor's office hours.  Any topic can be raised by anyone in the group- we'll look to see similarities and do some coaching for the group or even one on one with the group present.  The only rules to this are keeping what happens in the room and for this reason - these webinars are NOT recorded.