Build a coaching culture In Your Company

Shawna Corden,  Author of  Coach Culture: A Playbook For Winning In Business

Shawna Corden, Author of Coach Culture: A Playbook For Winning In Business

I’m looking for those who want to build improve the culture in their companies.

Those who want to build a coaching culture that transforms the way their teams operate—towards their highest potential. That’s why for a limited time I’d like to invite you to a sample coaching session, but only if you meet the criteria below:

I work with primarily four types of clients:
- Leaders (at all levels) looking to introduce or expand coaching in their company
- HR teams looking to train leaders or mentors in coaching skills
- Internal coaches looking to start or expand coaching within the company
- Leaders seeking higher levels of engagement in the workforce

However, this is NOT for HR organizations or Leaders seeking solutions to correct poor behavior or performance from an individual already identified for layoffs or redundancy.

This coaching session will take around 60 minutes and you will be speaking with me personally.

I'll be helping you:
- Identify the key measures to target for improvement through a coaching modality
- Determine the best strategy for implementation based on your desired timeline and budget
- The exact next steps to take

Knowing that we’re a good fit is crucial. I want ALL of my clients to achieve their desired results. Sometimes this requires a long-term relationship. It always requires strong rapport and trust.  The truth is that there are some people and organizations who I cannot help.  Typically those situations involve coachability (are they willing to question their beliefs?) budget and timeline.  If that’s the case I will be completely honest with you and suggest another coach or helping professional that can better meet your needs.   I’m only looking for those who are a good fit for building a company changing coach culture.

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