Tired of Managers telling you HOW to do your job?

It’s one of the most frustrating and infuriating experiences.  Here you are- trained, ready, willing and IT’S YOUR JOB to figure out how to do things, and yet someone who doesn’t have your training or experience, but concerned with controlling everything, is telling you HOW to do it.  It’s enough to create a few interesting movie plots.

The research shows that a coaching culture produces more highly engaged employees, and better financially performing companies compared with their peers.  Apparently, this isn't enough to begin a coaching culture.

Companies cite reasons for not beginning a coaching program with too little time (but you have time to tell your employees how to do their jobs?) and too little data for ROI. 

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take much time at all- and it is a TOOL like any other tool- training, equipment etc.  And if you have a measure – any measure you are targeting- like retention, women in leadership roles, onboarding new employees, acclimation to a new job or level. You can improve it with coaching. 

What kind of coaching? It depends.  There are three main modalities: External – typically reserved for execs – and one of the more expensive options.  Internal – directors and below, and leaders with coaching skills.  This could be mentors, managers, supervisors etc.  (This is usually the cheapest, but often people go too cheap on this and don’t train their leaders with enough hours, or provide them with feedback and supervision on their skills.) 

I have a ten-step program I lead people through to implement coaching or to build a coaching culture.  The return is huge, as leaders get their lives back from not having to do all their subordinates’ jobs (by telling them how to do everything) and the workforce grows their problem solving and innovation skills with confidence. 

Want to learn more?  Follow this blog for more about this process – or contact me to learn about coaching or consulting for your company to build a coaching culture.                                

Have a Great Week -Happy Leading!