Tolerations FAQ

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Q:  What is a Toleration?

A: A toleration is anything that:

  • You are ‘Putting up with’
  • Drains your energy

Q: How will zapping my tolerations improve my life?

A:  Any personal commitment you make and complete improves your self-esteem.  Both consciously and unconsciously you acknowledge to yourself ‘I did that.’  So, whether you have a courageous conversation with someone who isn’t respecting your space, you update the color of your front door, or get rid of that broken can opener, you have more energy each time you face that situation.  It also gives you more confidence that you can tackle other or more difficult things.

Q: How do you recommend I start?

A: Personally, I like to contain it to a room or space to begin with.  It could even be a drawer.  What isn’t ideal?  Perhaps your stapler only ‘staples’ half the time on the first try?  Time to replace it.  Maybe your desk chair has an uncomfortable lump- replace the cushion, the chair or shift the padding.  Your reading glasses are never where you need them?  Go to the dollar store and buy a pair for every place you sit and read.   I also recommend you recruit the family to join in the fun.  (yes, it will be fun!)  Once everyone gets the hang of it, you find yourself challenging one another to not settle for good- when you could have great J

Q: How long will this take?

A: What kind of person are you?  Some of my clients lock themselves in their homes and tackle it nonstop with plenty of snacks, a good playlist and some friends for help for an entire weekend.   Some like a ‘slow steady burn’ and pick one task a week- like buying new houseplants and pots.  The following week they take the flat sheets to the dry cleaner to be pressed.   Both can work, it depends on your desire for instant progress and energy. 

Q: How can a coach help?

A: A coach can help you prioritize, get clear about the method you want to use, and even offer ideas on what other clients have done.  They will also hold you accountable for what you are setting out to do- they might even suggest that you set up some rewards and consequences if it seems a good fit for you and your style.