The Bucket List

I hope you’ve all heard of the bucket list, and seen the great movie of the same name. 

The idea being that we all have a list of experiences or accomplishments we’d like to have completed before we “kick the bucket.”

That bucket list needs a regular reviewing so you can ‘pull’ some of those items into each year intentionally rather than just ‘wishing’ they might happen.   If you don’t have a bucket list- start one.  Be sure it’s from your own heart, rather than things you think you ‘should’ do.   It’s okay to have some material things on the list.  If you want a fancy car, or to stay in some amazing hotel, that’s great.  Think about who you get to be when you do those things.  Is it important? Rich? Glamorous? Unburdened by the details of making a living?  See if you can embrace that ‘calling to be’ in other ways in your life too.

Most of my bucket list items have do with travel, but also some wonderful meals, experiences and just “being.”  Review that bucket list, see what you can rein into this year.  Don’t forget to include some learning experiences and being experiences.

With that- I wish you all a wonderful holiday season- for whatever holidays you may be observing, and for those celebrating- A Very Merry Christmas!

Have a great week- Happy Leading!