What do I want more of? What do I want less of? In 2017

This is one of the fundamental questions I ask all my vision board workshop participants each year when we go through this exercise. 

After listing values, and gathering their bucket lists, and the ‘7 areas for goals’ radar chart, I ask them to reflect.  What went well this year?  What didn’t?  What do I want more of?  What do I want less of?

The answers have been rather consistent over the years.  The number one thing people want more of is travel.  Less of?  Stress. 

We test these answers with their ‘why?’  Why do they want more travel?  Answers include education, experiences, memories, getting away, fun, adventure and getting back in touch with themselves.   Why do they want less stress?  It impedes their enjoyment of the very things they are striving for, increases their health risks and just isn’t fun.

So, think back over your 2016 year.  What went well?  What were your favorite memories? What did you spend the most time on?  Money on?  Who did you do these things with? 

Common answers include things that people planned-in-advance.  Not only did they have the enjoyment of investigating, booking, planning etc. but they also enjoyed the actual event itself and then the memories of the event afterwards.  The resilience work of ‘action for happiness’ a non-profit out of the UK includes ‘things to look forward to’ as part of their GREAT DREAM action plan. 

What can you plan?  This year some of my favorite memories come from planning an away running race with a best girlfriend.   It became a girls-weekend and every time I ran prior to the event, I recognized what I was preparing for.   I also went to golf-school with my sweetheart in an unbelievably gorgeous setting in St. George, Utah.  I tacked on a visit to Zion National Park, marking off another in my virtual passport of parks.   And Yes! I want more of that.

Now for the stress piece- most of this came from the workplace.  Usually too high of a stretch goal, with unreasonable expectations causing leaders to compromise personal goals and standards- for the company.   With coaching I could help you determine if this was the right decision, but in the meantime, keep up with all the health support you can- meditation, exercise, proper nutrition, water intake, social support.  Plan your day to include these activities- it won’t eliminate the stress but it will help dispel how you are affected by this stress, and make you more pleasant to be around.  

I’m eager to hear what you want more of and less of in 2017!

Have a great week- Happy Leading!