Accepting an Imposed Change

I’m taking a slight detour this week as I know, come Wednesday morning, half of the American population will be bitterly upset. Since this often happens in the workplace, I thought I’d tackle the topic.

One of the best things one can do when faced with an imposed change is to take a self-assessment. This is as simple as taking a blank sheet of paper and dividing into two halves and labeling them ‘what was’ (i.e. Obama as president, Current CEO, current job title etc.) and ‘is now’ (i.e.  new president, new ceo, new job title) Be sure not to mix several imposed changes but just one at a time- have another imposed change? Start a new sheet…

What Was....                                      Is Now....


Below the ‘what was’ header, list all of the perceived benefits and detriments of that situation.  Below the ‘is now’ list all of the perceived benefits and detriments that go with that situation.  Review the two lists. Star any of great importance like pay, freedom, ‘winning’ etc. Doesn’t matter if they are petty or not, this is your list J Then we want to ask ourselves, “is this really true?” sometimes our perceived detriments of a new situation are pure speculation. Make a list of what to investigate further. Then go further, of all your ‘is now’ situation, ask yourself “is there anything I can do to improve this?” Situation beyond your control? Then consider, is there anyone you can ask for help, approval or even patience? What do you need to improve the situation?

Finally, change is stressful, it is easier to accept what is beyond our control and focus our efforts on what we can control- which is our immediate environment. Our immediate environment includes what in coaching we call hygiene: sleep, water intake, limiting caffeine and other stimulants/depressants, nutrition, and including things that feed you in your day- that might be turning off the TV, avoiding the paper or Facebook, and getting outside- hugging your spouse/kids/pets, etc. Find beauty. Do something nice for someone even when you don’t feel like it.  This is our world; you get to decide how you play in it J

Have a great week- Happy Leading!