More is in Your Control than You Think

Last week I talked about imposed change (Link to article) and I got a lot of feedback on this so I thought I’d continue on the topic.

The task last week was to basically inventory from the point of the imposed change, “what was” and then “is now”.  Our job was to list everything we knew and then come up with a list of what we wanted to know, or needed to verify.  Once that task was completed it was to inventory of all of those things how many were in our immediate control.

Clients are always surprised when I point out that their own environment can improve greatly with a concept called 10 daily habits. The point of these habits isn’t to become a discipline hero on all of the things you think you SHOULD be doing, but to really lean into and embrace the rituals that feed you and promote your well-being.  I will readily admit that some of my habits are not jump up and down for joy in doing them, but I greatly enjoy the benefits of those habits, so indeed they do feed me. 

You get to control 100% of these habits that feed you.   Let me repeat – you get to control 100% of these habits that feed you, so let’s start drafting.   When I say feed, I mean bring you joy, energy, momentum, peace etc.   Throw out anything that is to please others, or something you “should” do.   In coaching, we talk about a ‘should’ as someone else’s idea that is from a point of compliance. 

Some ideas: 

  1. Time to yourself – just to think
  2. Listening to YOUR favorite music
  3. Getting outside
  4. Meditating
  5. Prayer
  6. Surrounding yourself with your favorite smells- cooking, flowers, perfume, bath soap – etc.
  7. Singing (no one can sing and be unhappy- imho)
  8. Watching nature- a sunrise, the supermoon, crazy squirrel movements, leaves fall
  9. Sleeping in fresh sheets after a shower (and a shave)
  10. Snuggling 5 more minutes
  11. Moving your body – a walk, a dance, a class, running – pick the one YOU love
  12. Flossing (one of mine, I like no decay J)
  13. Taking your vitamins
  14. Juicing instead of (or in addition to) coffee
  15. Sleeping one extra hour
  16. 5 minutes of funny (insert favorite animal) videos after a stressful meeting

The goal is to find a way to fill your day with these items that are rewarding and fuel you. 

The point being, no matter what is happening around you – the changes being imposed – you can control many of the items in your environment and find your peace.

Draft 20 things you could do daily, and then narrow it to ten.  Try them for a week.  Some will stick, and some won’t.  That’s ok, don’t judge, you’re probably just not ready for them.  Try a few different ones as replacements.  Note how you feel.  I bet you’ll feel more optimistic, energized and peaceful. 

Get your friends and colleagues to join you on this journey- create a happier workplace!

Have a great week- Happy Leading!